SnitchNGR Interview with Soul/Funk Singer : Christine Ben-Ameh



Snitch: Thanks for taking out time for the interview christine.

Christine: My pleasure.

Snitch: Who is Christine Ben Ameh?
I am a singer and a songwriter who in some ways can play the guitar.
Christine Ben-Ameh is a young Nigerian girl who is only trying to find
her place and relevance in a world she strives daily to understand.

Snitch:Tell us about your journey through music so far; how it started and more.

The journey from the beginning where i discovered the magic of music
till now is a long one.
This journey started from my parents who have always been lovers of
music. Because as a family we have strived to find God in so many
doctrines of Christianity,our varying beliefs have affected the kind
of music our parents allowed us to listen to. This is clearly seen
Coming from the age of ‘Top of the Pops’ and other British pop music
my parents brought back from the UK, to them not even allowing us to
listen to secular music at all and now their total support of their
daughter being a musician.
The moment I watched Brandy’s ‘sitting on top the world’ video, a seed
was sown. And that seed grew on watching Whitney Houston’s performance
in ‘The Bodyguard’. I was only five or six years old, being hugely
influenced by the older people around me. At seven i wrote my first
song and expressed the desire to pursue music as a career. off course
my parents thought I was joking.
My first sunday In secondary school I came out of the closet when I
was punished for going late to dining and asked to sing in front of
the whole school, which I did despite the extreme fright I felt and
the loud cheer was a bigger response than I expected. The feeling was
intoxicating and since then I have remained addicted.
Over the years there was a lot of disagreement during my teenage
crisis period where my parents would rather have me study and pursue
music as a hobby after my degree in mass communication which I fought
hard against. While in school, June 2005, I participated in an MTN
talent hunt and won 50,000 naira and a free studio session after which
a single was to be promoted. My mother showed her support by taking
her baby to Lagos. She sat through the nine hour session with me,
nothing came of it. Off Course that buttressed their opinion of the
life I had chosen. Because of this, they maintained their stance until
2006 when I entered Nokia First Chance which I later won in 2007. The
journey since then has had its highs and lows but my parents have been
my rock, supporting me relentlessly and urging me to persevere and
supporting me in all ways possible. so here i am, alive, stronger and
a victor despite the tough, trying road to musical prowess and legend


Snitch: What is your genre of music?

Christine: My sound is a fusion of soul, urban music with rock elements. I still
have not found a name to coin it.

Snitch: With other big female artistes in the industry, what will
stand you out.

Christine: I stand out from other big female artistes in the industry because my
voice matches none other from around here, and my approach to melody
and lyric writing is original and untainted by the desire to
compromise for commercial purposes.
I stand out because the passion for my art drives it towards a place
of excellence preferred by the audience.
I stand out because I am idoma from Benue state, and I sing sometimes
in idoma. i stand out because my music and my art has no gender, being
neither male nor female but art as it is in its true form.


Snitch: As a beautiful female artist that you are how do you handle
the male fans.

Christine: I bask in the attention my male fans give me and it pushes me to
continue to make them happy as I create and release even better
material as times goes by. My male 9and female) fans are a huge
network of friends who help spread my music. I have nothing but utter
respect for them nonetheless, where a fan gets too intense and goes
overboard, I gently call such a person to order.

Snitch: What is your view on celebrities dating/marrying each
other? Do you subscribe to it?

Christine: I believe in the saying ‘Different strokes for different folks’. if it
works for certain people then why now?  I am not sure I would like to
marry another celebrity for reason of lifestyle balance which affects
how our children are raised nonetheless, i hold no stringent views on
this matter.
Snitch: Do you have an album yet? If yes tell us about it.

Christine: Yes I do. I released ‘Life under construction’ on
december 31st, 2010. It is an unconventional album released in an
unconventional manner and the videos from singles in the album where
shot after the album’s release thus depicting the ‘under construction’
status of the artiste as the album described. It is also available on

Snitch: We Watched one fab video from u, “Mary Jane” *hope we got the speelling right”. What is the meaning of this mary jane? Is it the same as the the illegal substance?

Christine: yes it was about weed. ‘Mary Jane’ is a story of addiction and how a young girl is trying to break free from it.


Snitch: Do you have a record label?

Christine: No I do not. but I have an effective and highly efficient manager.

Snitch: Which artistes have you had the chance to work with?

Christine: I have jammed, recorded/performed with Jodie, Omawumi, Threadstone,
Vector, Young Skales, Maytronomy, Jeremiah Gyang, Nomoreloss, etc.

Snitch: Which artists do u plan or hope to work with locally &

Christine: Tuface, Neyo, Freshly Ground,Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Wyclef

Snitch: Where do you see Christine Ben Ameh in 5 years time?

Christine: I would have won at least a grammy. toured most parts of the world, be
married and have at least one kid.

Snitch: If you didn’t become a musician, what everyday occupation
would you have liked?

Christine: Broadcasting (which I still do as a hobby considering my course of
study) or advertising.

Snitch: Who were your favorite celebrities when you were younger?

Christine: The Fugees, Queen Latifah, Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, Kid n Play,
Whoopi Goldberg, The Rock, arnold schwarzenegger(robocop!lol), Mr T
(from the A Team)…and the list goes on and on and on….       

Snitch: If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who
would it be and what would say to them?

Christine: Jesus. I would ask Him why bad things happen to good people. Good
thing is that is not a far fetched dream; when I am old and have
served my family and the world through living a fulfilled life and he
calls me home, I am sure Iwill have eternity to ask more than one

Snitch: What advice would you give to people wanting to get into
the music/acting scene?

Christine: You cannot do this if you were not called or destined to and even if
you were, you will go nowhere without Patience, perseverance and

Snitch: Thanks for your time Christine. We wish you the best in your music career.

Christine: My pleasure


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